A woman who fell unconscious at 6 years old gave $ 300,000 bail – Kaieteur News

A woman who unconsciously fought a 6-year-old was given $ 300,000 bail

The woman and the 6 year old girl.

Kaieteur News – Yesterday the 25-year-old woman, who admitted to crucifying her 6-year-old daughter in Berbice, was dragged to court and slapped with the charge of attempted murder.

Drupattie Karachayran named Natasha, of Bananen Land Wood, East Canje, Berbice, made her first court appearance at New Amsterdam Magistrates Court where the charge was read to her.

The charge read that on Sunday December 13, 2020, the accused at Gean Bananen Land, East Canje, with intent to commit murder, injured Jenita Ramsarran.

Magistrate Singh granted bail to Karachayran in the sum of $ 300,000 and ordered her to stay one hundred feet away from the child. The matter was transferred to Reliance Magistrates’ Court for disclosure on January 27, 2021. On December 13, 2020, little Jenita was found battered and unconscious in a marsh area located not far from where she was living she shares it with her mother.

The suspect had allegedly taken her daughter for a walk a short distance from their home in Bananen Geod Village on Sunday. When the child started playing in the nearby bushes, he told investigators, he yelled at her to stop. After not being noticed, the mother said she grabbed a piece of wood and dealt with the girl several lashes.

She said she beat her daughter until she became unconscious, and then left her under a mango tree. She then returned and reported to her parents who live in the same yard, but a different household, that her daughter was missing.

Then a search was formed and it was reported that the child’s grandfather had found the child in the marshy area. She was picked up in an unconscious state and rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where she was later admitted and transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital. She has since been released and is in the care of her father.