A yellow spot turtle monitoring project is starting

Authorities have launched a project aimed at monitoring the yellow-spotted river turtles on four beaches along the Rupununi River.

The South Rupununi Conservation Society (SRCS) and rangers from Sand Creek Village, with the help of the Protected Areas Commission (PAC), have identified four beaches along the now-protected Rupununi River.

According to a social media post made by the SRCS, this means that no one should disturb the turtle eggs on these four beaches – Wuarad Baara, Pokordin Baara, Pokoridwao Baara and Boizowoi Pao Baara.

The project aims to reverse the decline in yellow turtle population. The beaches will be monitored daily by SRCS keepers until the turtle eggs hatch in April to ensure the eggs remain protected.

All rangers who monitor the beaches come from Sand Creek Village and have been trained in how to look for turtle nests, to monitor them and how to resolve conflicts.

SRCS and Sand Creek Village are asking everyone who uses the Rupununi River to respect this. Over the next two weeks, beaches will be signposted to make it clear that they are protected.

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