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Bandit gun barrel, church robbers

Kaieteur News – A Wednesday night bandit shot a woman and robbed the other, moments after they left the church and escaped in a gray Toyota Fielder wagon.
According to a police report, the incident happened at Concrete Strip, West Coast Demerara. The woman who was stolen has been identified as Ann McDonald, 25, of Ruimzeight, West Coast Demerara.
The report noted that McDonald’s was stolen $ 60,000 and a black Samsung J7 smartphone was worth $ 80,000. Moments after the bandit released McDonald from the items, she made her mother’s gun.
According to police, McDonald and her mother were at a church on the West Coast of Demerara. About 19:30 o’clock, the church service ended and McDonald and her mother went on the public road for a minibus to take home.
The women boarded a minibus and left the vehicle at Ruimzeight Public Road. While on their way home, McDonald took her cellphone out to use the flashlight while her mother was walking behind her.
It is reported that when McDonald turned around, he saw an unidentified man and whipped a handgun and told the woman and her mother to be quiet. The bandit then proceeded to relieve McDonald of his cellphone and cash and in the process dealt a blow to her mother’s head with the gun.
The bandit then repaired his escape to the northern direction by vehicle, the registration number of which is still unknown. Police have not yet arrested and the investigation into the alleged armed robbery is ongoing.