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Bogus CANU site for court today

Bogus CANU officer.

Kaieteur News – The ranks of the captured Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) seeking to arrest a man for narcotics will face charges today in court.
Police called him a CANU simulator and identified him as a 37-year-old security guard in Haslington, Demerara East Coast (ECD).
The security guard is accused of trying to arrest a citizen under false pretenses.
According to a police report, he had attempted to arrest a coconut dealer, Ryan Gonsalves, 26, on January 19, 2021.
Gonsalves told police the man pulled up beside him in a white Toyota Premio motor car around 13:45 o’clock. that afternoon, while in the vicinity of Robb and Alexander Streets.
Gonsalves alleged that the suspect claimed to be a CANU officer, grabbed his shirt and took out handcuffs. However, the coconut seller managed to resist and escape.
Kaieteur News had also reported that the man had tried to arrest another individual for narcotics as well.
That person was identified in a Facebook post as Dameon. Dame’s friend Raj Persaud had posted that the incident happened on Middle and Thomas Streets.
He detailed that the man pulled up beside Dameon in a white toned Premio motor car, and identified himself as a CANU officer.
Persaud added that the suspect had told Dame that he was wanted for narcotics and instructed him to get in the car, insisting that he accompany him to Brickdam Police Station.
Apparently, Dame refused to comply and asked the suspect to submit an ID.
He allegedly agitated the suspect and tried to force Dameon into the car but two police officers on motorcycles pulled up at the same time.
The suspect then aborted his mission into his car and drove away. However, the ranks chased him and corner him. He was subsequently arrested and taken away.
Persaud also mentioned in his post that another individual (presumably Gonsalves) received a report when they arrived at the police station.
That individual positively identified him as someone who attempted to rob him posing as a CANU officer.
People have also labeled the suspect as a “well known thief.”