Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Mohabir Anil Nandlall, SC

Guyanese can look forward to broadly transforming the country’s economy from this year’s national budget, said Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Mohabir Anil Nandlall, SC.
The Government is expected to lay its national fiscal plan at the National Assembly in February, and the Attorney General has said she promises “greatness” for Guyana and its people as the PPP / C begins its year first job.
“In 2021, we will lay the foundation for the transformational projects that will not only keep the PPP in post for a very long time, but will transform this country,” the AG said on his television program weekly “Issues in the News” Tuesday night.
The start of construction of the new Demerara Harbor Bridge is among a number of projects that will be at the center of this year’s stage. Major highways across the East and West Coasts and Demerara East Bank would also be commissioned. Preparatory work is also expected to begin for the construction of the highway to Brazil and the Deep Water Harbor in Berbice, he said.
“This is the year that will see the minimum of three to four international hotels start building. Other Marriott, Best Western, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Sheraton; those names are all here already. We will start molding and breathing life into our manufacturing sector, and we will invest in the production and processing of products, ”said the Attorney General.
He also said more airlines were expected to show their service to Guyana for the first time, while new big oil companies would start operations here.
“Look at the budget. Tens of thousands of projects are developing. This is the year that the boom begins. That is how the PPP intends to develop governance this year. ”
The Senior Minister with responsibility for Finance at the Office of the President, Dr Ashni Singh, also recently noted the tremendous benefit Guyanese will receive from the 2021 Budget.
“The Budget will outline the medium and long-term vision for the country; a vision of our Government in the long term for the country, and then many of these programs and policies and projects will be initiated by the Budget. Many of the big projects that we have been talking about, you will see them started in the 2021 Budget, setting the stage for realizing our medium-term vision for the country. ”
This year’s budget will be the first full-year national economic plan put forward by the PPP / C Government since he took office in August 2020.

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