Charrandass Persaud to be named High Commissioner of India – Guyana Newsroom

Charrandass Persaud, an attorney-at-law, who sent shock waves across the country on December 21, 2018, when he voted overwhelmingly in favor of the No Confidence proposal and addressed the APNU + AFC government of which he was a part, to be named India’s new High Commissioner, well-placed sources have confirmed to the Newsroom.

In effect, his vote for the People’s Progressive / Civic Party (PPP / C) gave them the same vote they needed to win the No Confidence bid at the time. The PPP had 32 members and the government side, with Mr Persaud, 33.

The poll determined elections in three months, but although there were various legal movers, the elections were not held until 15 months after, and then when the PPP won, David Granger’s government ran another five months through legal and other machinery.

Mr Persaud represented Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) in the National Assembly and was a member of the Alliance for Change (AFC) which joined the coalition of five parties in APNU to contest and win the May 2015 general and regional elections.

He became a Senator in May 2015 when the government was sworn in.

“This is the only time in three and a half years as a Senator that I have voted according to my conscience,” he said after the No Confidence vote.

“All the other votes I took were by party lines because I was an AFC man and a party man, I voted in favor of anything that the Government wanted a lot to hate on some occasions.”

“… I have a conscience, it’s now clear.”