Court tosses ‘trumpet’ bomb threat charge against AS student

On Wednesday, University of Guyana (AS) TWENTY YEARS student, Sheneza Jafarally, who was on probation for threatening to bomb the tertiary institution, was released from the charge. Jafarally also called ‘Diane’, from Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara, appeared at Sparendaam Magistrates’ Court before Liverpool Magistrate Rushelle.
Details of the allegation alleged that on February 5, 2019, at Cummings Lodge, Jafarally sent through a public telecommunications device system, for the purpose of causing unnecessary anxiety to staff and students, a message she knew being fake.

In December, the prosecution closed its case after calling about nine witnesses to give evidence.
Jafarally’s attorney, Latchmie Rahamat made a no-case submission on the grounds that the prosecution failed to provide evidence to support the details of the allegation and to prove that her client sent a message using the telecommunications system and sent a message to public cause anxiety.
When the matter was called on Wednesday, the Liverpool Magistrate upheld the no-case submission and dismissed the case.
Speaking afterwards to the Guyana Chronicle, Rahamat said, “There was no evidence whatsoever to show that this young woman was the one who sent any message to any telecommunications systems about any bomb threat to cause any concern.”

He described this lack of evidence as a “big blow” and a “gaping hole” for the prosecution.
The attorney further explained that when she first saw the statements in the case, she knew the matter would have ended in her client’s favor.
“I couldn’t understand that I had gone through these statements which were disposed of by the magistrate, why she was even charged … I didn’t believe then and I still don’t believe now and I’ve been rightly proved by the magistrate’s ruling that there was never enough evidence to charge her in the first place, ”he added.
Jafarally spoke to the media shortly after it was justified.

“It has caused me great psychological trauma. I haven’t been able to attend school yet. And it’s not because I’m not allowed to attend, but because I’m so scared because of the situation I was put in. I have been going to therapy for the past year. I don’t think someone else should have to go through something like this because of negligence, because people are not investigating properly, ”he said. The Guyana Chronicle had reported that, based on a police investigation, Jafarally allegedly had a phone number related to the number from which the bomb threats to the university were made. The case against her was that, on the day in question, she had made several calls to the organization and made bomb threats that resulted in classes being canceled.