… New agricultural vieras
We have been warned so many times about the terrible “Dutch Disease” after we (Okay, Okay, the foreign oil companies!) Paid oil, that your Eyewitness swear that it must be related to ‘ Even more horrifying “Dutch” have been worrying us for hundreds of years. And in a way they belong. “Dutch Disease” refers to the fate of the Dutch in the ’70s after they discovered offshore oil. They promptly neglected their traditional products as oil revenues flowed into their coffers and duly ran into some deep sh * t when the oil ran out! Their ‘traditional’ products were very agricultural.
Interestingly enough, our Dutchmen of yore – who people insist on lurking behind silk cotton trees to make us in them – brought agriculture (sugar cane, coffee, cotton and tobacco) to Guyana. And fearing your Eyewitness is that as oil is now flowing (and probably the money – not that we see much!), We will follow the Dutch footprint and neglect our agriculture. So when the oil runs out – in 30 years? – we will be left high, dry and suffering poverty.
Now, you’d hope our powers-that-be would be kind of “forewarned is forearmed”, no? Well, they certainly “talk the talk”, so it may be time to scratch below the surface to find out if it’s just “first”. Let’s start with sugar. The Government is pumping a whole lotta dollar to keep the industry going, so it’s all left on the new management team to literally supply the sugar! There has been constant criticism in the press that there are “things not regular”, but let’s give them a little more time.
On the second major crop – rice – this was doing very well – with us transporting over 600,000 tonnes overseas and bringing in foreign exchange and so on. But suddenly we learn that the carriers to three major markets – Panama, Cuba and Trinidad, were not paid. So what’s the point of all export figures? We find viable new markets – and not a minute too soon – by using our embassies as developed countries do – to sell locally produced goods!
Your Eyewitness has been hearing about new mass-produced crops such as soya and corn in the Savannahs Intermediate. But what about all the land we have on the coast? For example, some years ago, the PPP Govt released a “5-P” agriculture program for export – especially to Diaspora markets. Pineapple, pumpkins, peppers, passion fruit and papaya. What happened? Is there no room for expansion? Your Eyewitness certainly thinks so!
And what about mangos – the favorite fruit of your Eyewitness? It’s time we started getting orchards to supply consistent quality and quantity?

… Trouble
Your Eyewitness came across a news item that PNC’s GECOM Commissioners claimed they did not agree with GECOM’s argument – through its lawyer – recently before the High Court that the PNC Petition should be thrown out about the election, as it is fatally flawed. Well… duh !! Who expected otherwise? After looking at these three values ​​since December 21, 2020 – especially the five months following the elections – they reminded your Eyewitness of none other than Larry, Moe and Curly Joe !! Yes … they were the Three Stooges really – from the PNC!
Well, the reality is that GECOM has certified – by law – that the results they have published represent the true will of the Guyanese people. Now, within GECOM, the Three Stooges may have voted otherwise … but they were overwhelming the majority’s decision – that the PPP had won! – carry !! So do they expect GECOM to argue in Court AGAINST its own decision?
They’re just like the PNC with the March 2 votes! What a bunch of wankers !!

… Protection against COVID-19 variant
Your Eyewitness has been agitated for some time about patrolling our border with Brazil to prevent their COVID-19 variants from creeping over. The Regional Chairman has just admitted that they have been challenged.
What about all those (expensive) drones?

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