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Drayton Register wins on day one

Kaieteur News- The first red chess games of the 2021 National Chess Championships began Saturday at the National Stadium, Providence, where defending champion; FIDE Master Anthony Drayton had a successful start to his title defense with a win against Rai Sharma.

Anthony Drayton (left) and Rai Sharma during their first-round match on Saturday.

Drayton described the matchup as not difficult despite finishing in 46 moves. He explained, “In light of the new chess film Queen’s Gambit, I choose the same weapon as my first game opening choice and by the eighth movement my opponent abandoned the Bishop pair and blossomed a hostage in the very next move … on until it sails smoothly until the game is over. ”
“It was only after the game during the review that I realized that I too had made a critical blunder when moving 16 which could have cost me the game by losing a piece but luckily my opponent played well. very fast and to no avail. ”

“In the coming games I will have to keep my focus to be able to regain my title because the other players would not be so kind as to miss an opportunity like that,” Drayton mentioned.
In the other two games completed on Saturday, Taffin Khan passed veteran Errol Tiwari, while Davion Mars and Loris Nathoo pulled off their game.
Khan employed the closed Sicilian variant and the game was just as ready until move 16 where Tiwari failed a combination which resulted in him losing his Queen. And, after that, Khan followed basic chess to achieve the victory.
The match between Wendell Meusa and Glenford Corlette that was scheduled for Saturday will be played tomorrow instead.
The tournament is coordinated by the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) and has been approved by the Covid-19 National task force. (Calvin Chapman)