Foo disappointed and hurt, but committed to working hard

Jonathan Foo bats during his career-best 97 * Career List against Red Force

By Brandon Corlette

Take a moment and imagine you scored the second highest aggregate for your team in the last Super50 Regional tournament and for the following tournament you will be dropped from the squad, not even listed on the stand-by. Pain, that’s the feeling that comes into someone’s imagination.

After scoring 334 runs from eight games at an average of 55.66 with a high score of 97 in the last Super50 for Guyana Jaguars, Jonathan Foo has found himself out of the team for next month’s Super50 in Antigua.

Foo’s situation is one of delicacy, he, and others who made the 15-man squad, were described as unsuitable by the selectmen. But Foo was omitted and others made the cut.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, the 30-year-old Foo said he was disappointed and hurt at this deficit but remained focused and focused on working hard on his fitness and returning to the National side.

“To be honest I’m very disappointed and hurt. Reason for my omission was the selectors call on me to be ‘unsuitable’, I failed to reach that stated benchmark but I was also not the only one who did not, but of course it does not excuse me as being unsuitable too, ” revealed Foo.

Not every Sports Journalist in the country can boast the luxury of attending the recent Guyana Jaguars fitness test in Leonora, followed by the three practice matches and game simulations at La Bonne Intention (LBI). Fortunately, I was there and witnessed the Jaguars players in action, firsthand.

Foo said that his motivation is still present and that he is fully committed and available to all cricketers once he gets that opportunity. “Once I have that opportunity to represent my country, I will try my best to do what is required at that time and make myself available for every given situation,” noted the Cricket Club man Albion Community Center.

Reflecting on his 2019 season with the Guyana Jaguars, Foo described his time as decent.

“I’m still hurt, I had sleepless nights when I failed to finish two games that would have got us a step closer to the championship. I think maybe he should have assured me over the selection this year but as the chairman of the selectors mentioned, fitness is just as important as performance, ”explained Foo.

The year 2020 has been a strange year for many. Foo didn’t play much cricket after his 2019 Super50 Regional season and is not a contracted Jaguars player. During the practice games, Foo looked dangerous with the bat.

Before the fitness assessment, Foo came across a big step back. “I had a big backer leading up to the fitness assessment when Romario Shepherd tested positive for Covid-19, the whole set of players training with him had to have the test and I was also training with one of ‘ the men who went in that training. I also took no chances and did the test and was quarantined for ten days. But as I said, it doesn’t excuse me from reaching the required fitness mark, ”added Foo.

At 30, Foo still has years of cricket in him, once he puts in the hard yards of work his skill will coincide when he improves that fitness and can show dominance as he did in Super50 2019. He said he doesn’t see his age as a problem as some players in Guyana’s current team are older than him.