From left: Murder charged: Former Best Cop Derwin Eastman, Aubrey Bobb, and Jamison Williams

The two former police officers – Derwin Eastman and Jamison Williams – charged with murdering businessman Godfrey Scipio are expected to lead an alibi defense on Friday – when the Preliminary Investigation (DP) continues in city court.
Eastman, who has been adjudged the best cop of Guyana Police on numerous occasions, and Williams is jointly charged with Scipio’s murder that occurred on October 17, 2017, in Kitty, Georgetown.

Dying: Godfrey Scipio

In November, Magistrate Fabayo Azore had ruled that a prima facie case was made against the duo at the conclusion of the prosecution case. In response, Eastman and Williams elected to lead defense.
Also charged with the murder is Aubrey Bobb, a 26-year-old former convict of Kitty. Bobb was the first to be charged and later contacted the two former police officers in a warning statement he gave to law enforcement.
In February 2019, Bobb was committed to stand trial in the High Court for the murder of the businessman following a separate DP collection after establishing that there was sufficient evidence against him.
It was reported that 64-year-old Scipio, also known as “Saga” was gunned down just as he left popular hotel Kitty with a female companion during a theft promotion. He later surrendered at Woodlands Hospital.
Bobb, in a warning statement, told Police that Eastman was the mastermind on the brass daylight killing. He accused Eastman of hiring him as the hit man and providing him with the gun.
Apparently, everything was planned by Eastman, even assuring the hit man that a woman would hit the target on the spot while directing that the killing be executed in the such that it seems like theft has gone wrong.
Despite the assurances of protection afforded by Eastman, reality struck when Bobb returned home the following day to find Eastman, in the company of other Police ranks, ready for his arrest.
Bobb had alleged that he had been forced to confess to the crime as he had been intimidated by Eastman, who was present at all stages of the interrogation. (G1)

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