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GuyOil employees to receive controversial pay rise

Views from GuyOil Sheriff’s Street Gas Station last December.

Kaieteur News – Employees of the Guyana Oil Company Limited (GuyOil) will receive their long-debated pay increases in the second quarter of 2021, according to the President of the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union (CCWU), Sherwood Clarke.
Clarke who spoke to Kaieteur News yesterday, on December 29 last year, said the union had met with the Ministry of Labor, which had intervened in the matter and GuyOil’s management to delay the charges.
The meeting came after about 300 employees of the company decided to strike over Guyoil’s refusal to pay them their bonuses and pay increases for the year. After hearing that they would not receive their payments, workers at GuyOil stations throughout Guyana staged a sit-in protest, demanding their long-awaited payments. It was reported that the company had agreed last year to pay its employees bonuses and give an eight per cent pay rise but failed to do so.

CCWU President Sherwood Clarke

The industrial action was supported by the CCW and quoted Clarke as saying that the company’s previous board had agreed to pay increases based on a performance appraisal system, but the current administration set up and removed a new board. the agreement.
Chief Labor Officer Charles Ogle condemned the strike action by citing his violation of labor protocols and laws. Days after the protest he was quoted as saying, “We had a meeting and we are currently in a situation, the company is offering nothing and the Union is asking for something… I wrote the union for them to come in… they did not let me know or they didn’t inform the management. The Union says it’s sitting in and management says it’s a strike. ”
In light of the meeting between the Union, the Ministry and GuyOil management, Clarke revealed yesterday that the payments are expected to be made by March 31.
He also revealed that it had been agreed that if the workers resumed industrial action, they would not be dismissed or discriminated in any way, as threats to do so were made when the workers carried out a strike in December.
This newspaper previously reported that managers in some locations allegedly threatened fire workers if they were not working and continued to strike. It was reported that people with pending applications in the company system will be in place. Clarke referred to the threats yesterday and said he was still concerned because he had been told that a station manager had been sent on administrative leave by the company’s management after she had supported industrial action.
Kaieteur News understands that the CCWU and GuyOil have been in negotiations since July last year to get their benefits to the employees.