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I never thought matters would come to this point in the United States of America

Dear Editor,

I never thought, ever, that matters would come to this point in the United States of America. This is a situation where the Vice President of the United States has to be hidden away. And I would say, it has its own president. The world has gone crazy; at least the American version has it.

Apparently, in the end, when things are under control, some void is going to come to the conclusion that democracy is dominant. But at what price? What bitterness and rancor and persistent hatred, as prompted by a president? After suspecting that things had gone too far or had been pushed too far, or to some other end struck some sense in his, that late call for silence was from a president who has lost all his marbles . I had said this before in different ways; perhaps, I think now. It still feels chilling, like a death hand around the back of the neck.

The question is from here to where? Mitch McConnell, who waited too long, and acted too late, now talks about the damage to any distortions in the elections. Some horses out of the barn are out of tight control, and they are scattered. Beyond the appeal of leadership. Beyond reasonable men’s rhymes. Now I have a sense of what it was like to be in Charlestown, SC in 1861, with fevers in overflowing fields. One man mentioned a ‘coup attempt’ that should be locked up or stunned to stop that kind of irresponsible talk. Much damage has been done to the Republic; many citizens bear the burden of how to continue. Where to leave politics behind, and from what point to start living and with purposes in mind?

Despair is in the air, and it’s all the way from here. I don’t give a damn about the president. He will go or be forced to go. It’s the American Way. But it has left behind a lot of detritus, though it has not yet fully disappeared. It didn’t have to be this way, except those around him in the White House and the Senate didn’t have the courage or moral conviction to face reality in the face and come rocking at it part. To remind everyone: I didn’t vote for Mr Biden, I didn’t vote at all. But Mr. Biden has won fair and square, and to me that’s all that matters, and the end of the line and all the other conflicting story lines.

Of course, life is never so cut and dried; neither does it follow the contours we simplify as its fixed perimeters. Not too long ago, my heart pleaded for this beloved Guyana. Now I’m being forced to do it all again for that other half, America. At this rate, I will no longer have blood or tears to shed. Very soon, all feeling could have disappeared, as one psychic was savory after another, and only so much can be absorbed.

It simply shows how one man, whether stupid or imbecilic or reckless, can create so much disorder, present so much danger, destroy so much that was worked for and so much gained. America’s reputation is now in tattoos and may never recover to the pride of respect that remained so dear and for so long. Who would dare to offer advice and counseling? Who would commit to listening? And it may not be rejected respectfully, either. And it’s all because of one man, and those other men and women who were too hungry to stand up and say: nothing more. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever. Well, it’s a little late in the day for any of that now. I remember Aeschylus and one of my favorites: ‘And even in our sleep pain he cannot forget beats falling by dropping on the heart, and in our despair, against our will, wisdom comes to us by the terrible grace of God.

Lall GHK