Legislative reform for the oil and gas sector will not be done alone – Attorney General – Kaieteur News

Legislative reform for the oil and gas sector will not be done alone – the Attorney General

Kaieteur News – Because the oil and gas sector is an integral part of Guyana’s economy, its legislative reform will not be tackled in isolation. Sharing this revelation were the Attorney General (AG) and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall.

Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

In fact, during his appearance last week on Guyana’s Oil and You by Kaieteur Radio, Nandlall was keen to point out that, in his view, legislative reform would be restricted to the oil and gas sector. And now that the Peoples / Civic Progressive Party (PPP / C) is in government, Nandlall says it must move with alacrity as it moves forward to build not only a legislative agenda for the oil and gas sector, but an agenda that will enable the country to use the benefits and profits from the same sector to develop other zones in the economy.
Equally, however, the AG emphasized the importance of modernizing oil and gas sector legislation to protect the environment; ensure that local content policy orders are “underlined, protected and developed”; to make sure the sector is controlled by technocrats, not politicians; as well as a legislative framework that will set out how oil profits will be recovered, saved and invested for the future.
“And those are the main ones involved in the oil and gas sector,” the AG noted.
Nandlall said there will be “tremendous opportunities and new endeavors” outside the oil and gas sector in a variety of other sectors. In giving an example, he recalled that several international hotels had expressed an interest in establishing their presence in Guyana. In support of these interests, Nandlall said the foundation is being laid for the anticipated boom in the hospitality industry, which is being implemented through the creation of appropriate “type of service”, condominium and domain legislation.
In addition, the AG highlighted that discussions are also taking place on the overhaul of the 100 year old legislative architecture of the public health system, which he labels as “out of alignment with the reality of public health”.
The modernization and overhaul of legislation for the agricultural and manufacturing sectors are two other items on the legislative agenda. The formulation of legislation for those different sectors that will enable a progressive agricultural and manufacturing agenda aimed at protecting farmers, manufacturers, food / product safety, large-scale production regulation, as well as those products that are yet to be ‘ w production, are also prioritized Nandlall said.
“I just gave you those few examples to show just how broad and our legislative agenda must and must be broad. So, understandably, it’s a work in progress, ”says the AG.
He also added that all the various agencies in central government will follow legislative agendas to suit their own peculiarities, thereby leading to a national legislative agenda.
Notably, the government is moving towards the establishment of the Law Reform Commission, which will be one of the forces for the reform needed.