‘Miss Guyanese’ feared death after boat capsized on illegal entry into the United States from the Bahamas

The four men missing

The four Guyanese men who disappeared after traveling from Guyana to the Bahamas in January 2021 are now scared to die.

The men are father to two, Kevin Sukraj also known as “Davin” of Lot C 40 Sophia R Block, Greater Georgetown; his cousin, Krishna Sukraj, and two friends Rayan Bhodoo and Anil Deonarine.

Family members had contacted this publication to express concerns about the disappearance of the men, who had allegedly gone to the Caribbean island for a two-week vacation.

According to the family, on January 10, 2021, Sukraj contacted his relatives in Guyana and informed them that police had robbed the 2 Sister Hotel in Bimini, Bahamas and confiscated their passports.

The men also accused Bahamian officials of “having them on a royal tour to get their documents back.” Further, a sister to Sukraj said the last time the family heard from a father of two was on February 10, 2021 when he allegedly went back to the Police Station to get his passport so he could return home.

INews has since been informed from reliable sources that the four men had entered the Bahamas with the intention of traveling to the United States illegally.

A recording of this announcement was provided between the US Coast Guard and relatives of Sukraj living in the US.

In that recording, the U.S. Coast Guard was updating the search and rescue mission’s relatives after the four men along with two others disappeared when the boat they were traveling in sank off Fort Pierce in February 2021.

During the update, members of the US Coast Guard were heard telling Sukraj’s relatives that after more than 623 hours of searching over three days, there were no signs that the men were missing. Several boats and aircraft were used in the mission but all ended up empty-handed.

When contacted on Monday, Geeta Sukraj who had provided this publication with the report, claimed that the family was unaware of an incident that held out that her brother had traveled to the Bahamas for a holiday, and had not has no intention of entering the US.