More than 29,000 devices were checked by GNBS in 2020 – Kaieteur News

More than 29,000 devices were checked by GNBS in 2020

Laboratory Technicians carry out Volumetric Calibration.

Inspectors check ratings.

Inspector checks Petrol Pumps.

Inspector checks electricity meters.

Kaieteur News – Despite facing challenges associated with COVID-19, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS), the national measurement organization, managed to verify a total of 29,675 new devices. These, according to the entity’s Public Relations Officer, Mr Lloyd David, included 638 scales, 1,473 masses and 27,554 electricity meters for the Guyana Power and Light Inc.
This, he said, indicates an overall increase in validated new devices compared to the year 2019.
In fact, David said, many of the targets set by GNBS at the beginning of the year had been achieved, despite obstacles caused by the pandemic.
Significant efforts have been made, under the Legal Metrology Program, to check weighing devices used in commerce to protect consumers and ensure fairness in commerce. In addition, under its Industrial Metrology Program, GNBS continued to provide calibration services to a wide range of stakeholders during the year.
For devices already in use in stores, markets, and other locations like supermarkets, manufacturing companies, rice mills, hospitals, airlines, post offices, David said there are a total of 5,009 scales, 9,977 bases, 140 scales weighbridge, 202 electricity meters, and 59 humidity meters verified.
For volumetric measurements, GNBS checked 1,722 petrol pumps, 270 meter meters, 30 storage tanks and 114 fuel tanker trucks, the PRO revealed in a press release. “These devices have been checked for Rubis, GuyOil, Sol Guyana and other private companies nationwide to ensure measurement accuracy and compliance with security requirements,” David noted.
Overall, he added, there was a marked decline in the validation of devices already in use during 2020 compared to 2019. This, he said, could be attributed to the necessary precautionary measures taken by the NAMA during the pandemic .
Last year, it revealed that there was also a significant decline in surveillance checks, which are carried out to ensure that devices used in shops and markets across the country are stamped and in an acceptable condition. “There have been only 1217 surveillance visits, which resulted in 269 devices being seized and removed because they were either incorrect, unchecked or in a state of disrepair,” David shared.
Notably, in 2020, the GNBS, he said, conducted a series of measurement training for the Guyana Police Force (GPF) that focused on the validation and use of respirators, speed guns and the use of an international unit system.
David also revealed that, in 2020, GNBS worked to ensure it fulfilled its measurement role in the Oil and Gas Sector in 2020. He said throughout the year, Inspectors were fully involved in checking meter validation transfer of custody on the ship Unloading a Floating Production Storage, offshore. For Industrial Metrology, he added, the GNBS continued to provide essential calibration services as industries increased the use and demand for reliable, traceable measurements in Guyana. Measuring instruments were calibrated in the areas of Mass, Dimension, Volume, Pressure and Temperature. This resulted in the calibration of 1,679 measuring instruments during 2020.
According to David, GNBS is also looking to expand its services to stakeholders in Legal Metallurgy and Industrial Metrology. For 2021, he said, GNBS has acquired a fitted Mobile Unit, which will visit strategic locations across the country to conduct mobile authentication of devices used in Markets and other business outlets. In addition, the Bureau is actively seeking to employ Inspectors in other remote regions to ensure access to its services. The PRO also revealed that, “calibration services will be expanded in the areas of volume, temperature, pressure and torque, which are much sought after by industry.”