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Can you imagine that we are already in the second week of 2021? I decided to take it a bit easy for January because I have to have the right mind, body and soul to serve effectively. I had a busy but very fulfilling December. The 365 book of Valuable Life Experiences was completely engrossed, but it was worth it. We had a successful launch on Amazon and received great feedback from people who read the book. The testimony of the faith people on display was evident in hundreds of these stories. The contributors also sent glowing comments and I share two below.

“This has been quite an experience, a journey of 365 Valued Life Experiences. You have opened the hearts and minds of so many people during this process and you will continue to impact many more as the readership continues to grow – so powerful! ”Mea Dixon, USA.

“Sonia certainly knows how to make people’s dreams come through. This was an empowering journey for me and many people around the world who had the opportunity to share their stories. I think many lives will be transformed. ”Penny Phakathi, South Africa.
“Invaluable Life Experiences – Guided Journal is an absolute masterpiece.

This informative, ground-breaking, easy-flow, guided journal will not only take you step-by-step combining self-reflection, personal development and increased self-confidence, but also increase your overall success in life. I recommend this journal to everyone! grab your copy today, be glad you did! ”Nikki Girard, Canada.
“The journal helps me a lot with reflection and navigation…. so I’ll know what I have to improve on for this year .. anything I lost in 2020 I’m sure I won’t be missing in 2021. Writing is a highlight for me. I have to be able to look back on the 31st and say ‘I CAN’. Get your copy today! ”Sussana Agustine, Guyana.

We also hit the # 1 position on Amazon in various categories, which felt great for us all. The guided journal is also getting attention and I think it is appropriate for this time of year.
I was hoping to complete my vision board by now, but I’m still working on it and other things to guide my year to make it productive and effective. Remember that your new year doesn’t have to be a calendar year. It’s great to set goals and create vision boards, but take action where the results are. We often hear information, a power but it is a potential power. The power is in the execution! Many times we enroll on courses, attend seminars or buy books and demonstrate our dissatisfaction because we didn’t get what we promised. Many times people do not apply, but expect results. I will be hosting two major complimentary “Power of Execution” magnification masters on 14th and 24th January. We also have a Virtual Writers Retreat coming up soon. I am excited to hold these sessions because I know they will be transformative. If you are interested in attending, please email [email protected] or

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I would like to encourage us to take our health seriously because our health is our wealth. 2021 is a year of elevation for all of us and we need to create the opportunities if you think none exist. Every 24 hours must be meaningful as we continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called life OUTSIDE.