Dear Editor,
There is great debate now on the role and function of the “joy” parties. These form a group of parties from which the total number of votes cast was capable of winning a seat in Parliament. In this respect, they were able to gain recognition as a political entity, thereby changing the landscape of local politics as we know it.
I am on record saying that this marks a new and sweeping change, as newer voices emerge in the democratic landscape of our affairs. Newer and fresher ideas are being announced as we all work towards the development of our country. This is the essence of the concept of inclusive governance or collective governance: pooling our brain power towards the common good of our native land.
Now, instead of embracing this new and enlightened concept of governance, the PNC’s main Opposition is showing open defiance. They refuse to discuss anything of a twofold or developmental nature. Their logic is that, as a majority Opposition party, they have a sovereign right to all governance issues, and no one else has that right. So, they hop around with that air of entitlement.
Well, for the record, their stewardship in Government was a total disaster, to say the least; and the arbitrary removal of this new and enlightened form of governance, where the consultative approach underpins policy making, is a sad day for all members of that party.
It’s silly and pathetic to resist change, because the whole country now sees them as a party of power-hungry desks, and nothing else. They not only make that point of view through their blank comments, but they also make it through the instrumentality of their “political appointments” on the GECOM Commission.
This type of behavior is indicative of a party that sees its power and control base slipping away, and the eventual result that leads to being wild and repressive.
I must hurry to close as I make the following recommendations: I call on the authorities to have the rejoicing parties take their due place in all aspects of our evolving democracy.
Their rights are represented on all committees and boards in this country. I also ask for their presence on the Election Commission.
In Guyana’s future outlook, there is no place for party-party politics, those days are long gone. We now look to the future and the developmental way of things, where every voice of reason, every voice of change, has its equal share. Long live democracy!

Neil Adams

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