Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has announced that it will activate a well located in the Sophia Water Treatment Works compound of Greater Georgetown which will see increased water pressure in the community and surrounding areas.

One of the transmission pipelines being installed

Residents in Sophia, Cummings Lodge, Turkeyen, and Pattensen can look forward to this additional water source within the next two weeks. According to GWI, about 100 pieces of transmission pipelines are currently being installed by in-house staff from the well to a 10-inch diameter transmission main located at Farmer’s Field.
One of the water sources for the communities is the No. 2 Ruimveldt North well, which is currently in operation following the collapse of the well casing. This resulted in residents in parts of the above communities receiving less water pressure.
Earlier this week GWI CEO Shaik Baksh visited the Sophia facility to assess the ongoing work. “We are very concerned about the low level of service currently being experienced by residents of those communities. We are therefore continually working to complete this work to rectify that, ”he said.
The CEO also visited several parts of Sophia where he engaged with residents in the current situation and the company’s ongoing remedial efforts. One such resident was Frederick Joseph of B Field Sophia, who was pleased to hear about the work being done.
“It’s good that y’all are still worried about us,” the resident noted.
The utility company continues to work tirelessly to ensure Guyanese has access to an adequate water supply.

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