Suspected killing of Fagundes on “substantial” bail WITH $ 100,000 – Demerara Waves Online News- Guyana

Last updated on Friday, 9 April 2021, 16:52 by Denis Chabrol

The suspect in the shooting death of Ricardo Fagundes, also known as Paper Shorts, has been released on the station bail, police said.

Rondell Bacchus, also known as Killa, was released this afternoon on ALL $ 100,000 bail.

His lawyer, Damien Da Silva, says Mr Bacchus is required to report to police next week on Monday.

But police say he will be required to report to the station on certain days.

Ricardo Fagundes

Guyana Police declined to say how much bail was granted and instead described the amount as “substantial.”

Police say they released Mr Bacchus after his lawyer filed a habeas corpus writ to get Higg Court order to release him from police custody.

This is because 72 hours have passed since he was arrested.

Police say he will appear in court next week on Monday to face a charge of damage to a police vehicle.

He was allegedly punching and breaking the rear windscreen of a police vehicle while he was being escorted from the locks today.