The Boston Celtics conclude Denver Nuggets’ eight-game winning run

THE Boston Celtics ended Denver Nuggets’ eight-game winning streak with a 105-87 victory in the NBA.

The Celtics followed 79-65 late in the third quarter but went on a 31-3 run to turn the game around at the Ball Arena in Denver.

“We just raised the intensity,” said Jayson Tatum, who scored 28 points and made 10 rebounds for the Celts.

“That was big because we could have let it escape from us.”

DeMar DeRozan scored the winner with less than a second left as the San Antonio Spurs beat the Dallas Mavericks 119-117.

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Charlotte Hornets 105-101, with Bogdan Bogdanovic scoring 32 points, including eight three, and Lou Williams putting the Hawks 103-101 ahead with 58 seconds to go in the fourth quarter.

Zion Williamson’s 38 points helped the New Orleans Pelicans overcome the Cleveland Cavaliers 116-109. (BBC Sport)