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Guyana 2020: The negative stuff

Kaieteur News – Always try to predict human nature. Freud once noticed that there is no such thing as human nature. Space would not provide for elaboration, but what I think it meant was that there is no basket with all the human features inside that we call human nature. Freud meant that every human being has different mental traits that are not necessarily reproduced in other people.
What this explanation means, is that you cannot downplay the most unexpected turn in human behavior. Therefore, in Guyana it is quite possible that there could be unbelievable electoral changes in 2025. But outside of predictions, the researcher must rely on broad trends. In Russia, the contemporary picture is a projection of Putin’s long years of strong man control.
In Guyana, the trend shows the weakening of PNC as the years go by; PNC who will not be trusted by more than 70 percent of the population in the next 15 years. In real terms therefore, the PNC is about to be out of power for a long, long time. People in Guyana honestly believe that after Robert Corbin suspended leadership in 2011 the world was seeing a new PNC.
Rigging the 2020 election is one of the most self-destructive acts in Caribbean politics. What the PNC did between March and July in 2020 will lead to widespread rejection of the PNC by the electorate who will not put the PNC in power in the 21st century.
I won’t spend a paragraph even on the AFC. I put all my academic training on the line when I say that if the AFC competes in 2025 on its own, it will not get 1000 votes. Next are the names left in WPA. I suspect that this country will never embrace David Hinds again. Drs. Rupert Roopnaraine and Clive Thomas will fade naturally to oblivion. Roopnaraine is already. Eusi Kwayana destroyed his legacy in 2020. There is no objective scholar on Guyanese politics who will paint Kwayana in commendable colors after his open grudeness in support of election rigging. Finally, on the negative side, Moses Nagamootoo, when he is recovering from his illness (and we all hope he pulls through it), will not get an ounce of positive reception even from Guyanese and in the diaspora . Nagamootoo is dead politically and spiritually.
Next – Guyana Press Association (GPA). In 2020 he was ignorant of what technology has brought to journalism. In the kitchen while cooking, your cousin with his smartphone can receive live feed of John punching Mary in another county. Any denial of that action by the reporter will expose the journalist’s unprofessional behavior.
There are dozens of images of APNU + AFC donors attacking journalists at the Control Center and GECOM head office during the election rigging yet, the GPA issued a press release saying that political party supporters are attacking journalists. The GPA cannot provide any pictures of such attacks. It was one of the GPA’s most energetic exhibitions since his birth. Political parties should call on him to apologize.
Next is the “In the Diaspora” (ITD) column, a weekly feature in the Stabroek News. For a year there was a marquee display by APNU + AFC leaders on the no confidence (NCV) vote. For five months, there was election rigging. Between December 2018 and July 2020, ITD never carried a piece on the NCV farce and rigged the election. Not even one article. Its editor, Dr. Allissa Trotz who lives in Canada, be ashamed of herself. I have lost all respect for her.
An intense period of constitutional madness between December 2018 and July 2020, has been unprecedented in this country’s history. But the ITD could not find a single independent lawyer, not even one independent scholar to do just one article on what was happening. Does anyone believe that Dr. Trotz find such a person? Do you honestly believe that?
Next is Guyana Trades Union Congress (TUC), Guyana Transparency Foundation Inc. (TIGI) and the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA).
GHRA and TIGI remained silent during rigging. It was another episode of people putting politics before their country. Dr. Trotz, TUC, TIGI, GHRA are the right choices, but, at all times, the choices must be based on democratic traditions. It is not difficult to see and understand why Dr.’s legitimate presidency would be scarce. Irfaan Ali listens to anything these people say.

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