The publisher of Kaieteur News has my vote – Kaieteur News

The publisher of Kaieteur News has my vote

Dear Editor,

In summary, the actions requested (participating) in the article: “Message from KN publisher to our professionals” with emphasis on giving away the oil blocks and selling rights to our resources are likely to happen only. if we were non-white people by nature were Executives. Unfortunately, we are not. We are more comfortable spending unproductive time on social media, which are nothing but toxic platforms.

Scores of letters have been issued to KN on various issues relating to all the “soft spots”, with the Oil and Gas Issues, but he is not gaining much traction. Elsewhere, there is only one public letter / commentary, on a similar topic; triggers government to take action. We haven’t included that in activism in our blood. This is now a world of social activism, with Climate Change and an eco-friendly environment, at the top of the list.

On the flip side of the coin, this government compared to the previous regime, does a better job in terms of demonstrable achievements. (eg Infrastructure Development, just to name one).

If we continue on the same path, with serious oil and gas issues addressed (dismissed); the announcer could run for President, in the next election cycle. A lot can happen in four years, and specifically in this area of ​​oil and resources – It’s a clear social mandate. Re-brand and rename an existing party; the opposition says. (Maybe even rename it — Start Afresh). That whole old school of people with ideas for a different age. Make it an all-inclusive party. Discrimination none. Or the publisher can form a new party.

This is just a thought, but the publisher of Kaieteur News has my vote.
You Kansi