The villages of Amerindia benefit from a special COVID-19 relief fund

Yesterday, TWO Amerindian leaders were presented with grants of various amounts to promote job creation, income generation and development projects in their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. During a simple ceremony held at the benab at the Sophia Demonstration Center, representatives of toshaos and village councils collected grants ranging from $ 3M to $ 15M, obtained from the $ 105M government-allocated for the COVID-19 relief fund. for the villages of Amerindia.
The villages he benefited from were Santa Mission, Caria Caria, Lower Bonasika and Saxacalli, all located in Region Three; Mission St. Cuthbert, Swan, Waikabra and Long Creek (known as Tigerbone Banakari), located in Region Four; Moraikobai, which is the only Amerindian village in Region Five, and Orealla, Siparuta and Cashew Island (New River Triangle) in Region Six.
Amerindian Affairs Minister Pauline Sukhai noted that the initiative was the start of a series of projects aimed at developing hinterland regions and Amerindian villages.
The grants are expected to create a foundation for communities to live with COVID-19 in the long term by creating a way to ensure sustainable livelihoods, opportunities for young people and infrastructure improvements.

“Our government is undertaking a major aid initiative to ensure that the hinterland and Amerindia communities can lay a solid foundation in ensuring that their population remains stable. We hope that the Amerindia leaders, the Council, and the villagers will use this financial support to put themselves in full preparation mode, to ensure that we not only have a population without COVID, but that many of the contacts that will ensure that sustainability is maintained, ”he said.
Meanwhile, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development Minister Anand Persaud said the grant allocation was in line with the government’s pledge to mitigate the negative impact the pandemic has had on Guyana, with an emphasis particularly placed on hinterland communities and villages.
Unlike the $ 25,000 COVID-19 relief money grant that is currently being distributed to households throughout Guyana, the relief fund will be used for village and community projects that will positively impact residents’ livelihoods.
According to Minister Persaud, the establishment of the fund is part of a long-standing effort to supplement hinterland villages against the many obstacles caused by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.