Detention of crew member in Venezuela

– accused crew members in Venezuela, to be held illegally for 45 days

Seeta Ramnarine, the wife of one of the Captains of the fishing vessels detained by Venezuelans who trespassed into Guyana waters, has made an emotional appeal for the return of her husband and all crew members who are currently Venezuela.

Lady Nayera Captain Richard Ramnarine

Mrs Ramnarine’s life turned upside down last Friday when she called her husband, Richard Ramnarine, to tell her he had been detained by Venezuelans. Ramnarine was Captain of Lady Nayera, one of two fishing boats that were conducting their business in Guyana waters when a Venezuelan ship picked up the crews.
In a telephone interview with Guyana Times, the woman said she, like the rest of the families left behind, was worried about her beloved and frustrated about the brass actions of the Venezuelans.
“I’m frustrated, because they weren’t illegal at all. And I’m sad about it, because it’s so far away and we can’t hear from it now or see it. I hope it all works out and everyone returns home to their respective families, ”he declared.
The couple has two daughters aged 22 and 19. According to Mrs Ramnarine, they are also worried about their father. She appealed to the Venezuelans to release the men, who – reports suggest – are being held in the neighboring country pending a court hearing.
“(Our girls) are sad too; they love their father very much and this is the first time something like this has happened. But they are catching up, ”said the 42-year-old player, adding that they would receive updates on the situation from the Government and in particular, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“All the crew members out there, they have families that depend on them… they should release crew members to come home, because their family – all of us – are worried. Let them come home. ”
This announcement also spoke to Kumar Lallbachan, the owner of Lady Nayera. He confirmed that the men were transported to court on Monday and that the Venezuelans were given 45 days to investigate, during which time the men would be remanded in custody. But he noted that the men were completely innocent.
“They went to court (Monday) and came back late. And when I spoke to them last night, they told me they were giving [law enforcement] 45 days to investigate. I don’t know what they’re researching or what they’re going to do with them, ”he said.

Kumar Lallbachan, owner of Lady Nayera, was one of the boat owners who attended a meeting with Foreign Minister Hugh Todd on Monday

He explained that Lady Nayera had been in operation for less than two years, with Captain Ramnarine in charge from day one. Lallbachan noted that the Captain had always made sure that the ship remained within the boundary lines.
“I spoke to them before they left and told him that Anna Regina is my finish line and the furthest is Waini. And he said okay, he’s going to go with that. And he kept within that. I was contacted on the Friday. When they picked them up in Guyana waters, he (Captain) sent me the coordinates and said they were removing his GPS, but he has it on his phone. ”
Meanwhile the Government of Guyana has made it clear that it is working to get the men back as soon as possible. Guyana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hugh Todd, held a virtual meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart, Jorge Arreaza on Monday. During the meeting, Arreaza had ensured that the men’s human rights were respected and that he would pursue their early release.
In a statement on January 23, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had revealed that the two fishing vessels registered in Guyana were operating off the coast of Waini Point in Guyana’s Unique Economic Zone (EEZ) when they were intercepted by a Venezuelan navy ship Commandante Hugo Chavez GC 24.
In fact, the statement said the Venezuelan ship sailed illegally within Guyana’s EEZ and Adjacent zone when it intercepted and boarded the ships, whose captains were instructed to follow a course to Port Guiria detained in custody. According to the Ministry, the Government of Guyana was not notified at the time of detaining its nationals, contrary to established norms.
Lady Nayera’s crew consists of Captain Ramnarine and his crew members Ramlakan Kamal, Nick Raghubar, Javin Boston, Michael Domingo, and Joel Joseph. Toney Garraway captained the other ship the Sea Wolf, while crew members included Errol Gardener, Orland Roberts, Christopher Shaw, Shirvin Oneil, and Randy Henry.

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