The winners of the UNICEF Guyana Reimagine Illustration Challenge were awarded

On Friday, UNICEF Representative Nicolas Pron presented three of the winners of the UNICEF Guyana Reimagine Illustration Challenge with Samsung tablet computers and encouraged them to work towards realizing their vision. For World Children’s Day 2020, the local UNICEF office challenged Guyanese children between the ages of eight and 18 to draw and present to every child their vision of a better world. Over two dozen presentations were received with youth sharing their vision for a greener and more sustainable world, a non-discriminatory future, a safer world, a more inclusive world, a healthier world, a world of more opportunities, a happier world and a future of mental health and education , among other themes.
Twelve presentations were selected for inclusion in the UNICEF Guyana Annual Calendar. In a short ceremony, three of the 12 winners; Sajid, eight; Elliana, 10; and Tiffani, 18, was presented with tablet computers. The other winners will come from different regions in Guyana and will receive their tablets thereafter.

Young people know the future they want, Pron said, as he thanks the young people for sharing their vision for a better world. He noticed that their words were wise, positive, hopeful and creative. Many of the presentations focused on the future of education. Giselle, 10, from Region Nine, shared her vision for ‘smart classrooms with unlimited Internet access and computers that will benefit every child, using sustainable energy’. Elliana, 10, from Region Four, wrote that while nothing can replace face-to-face interaction in a physical classroom, technology is central to the future of education. Pron highlighted that education is a top priority for UNICEF. “We are working very closely with the Government of Guyana to continue to develop innovative approaches to education through computers, through technology … through the Internet so that everyone in Guyana has access to education,” said a UNICEF Representative. He added: “We all hope the day comes soon when you go back to school … It is essential that schools are the first services to reopen when things get better but we will continue to work with the Government of Guyana to make sure everyone has access to education even during the pandemic. It’s very important. We must all work in your best interests at all times, in the best interests of the child and we will continue to do so. “A UNICEF Representative praised the young people for responding to the challenge and sharing their vision and expressed hope that the tablets would assist in their school work. He further challenged young people to work towards achieving their vision. All presentations can be found on page UNICEF Guyana and Suriname Facebook at