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The marked racial inequality of the United States was on display that fateful day

Dear Editor,

On January 6, 2021 the whole world looked on in unrestrained, if not embarrassed, disbelief at what was playing out on their television screens, and everywhere, in the Capitol Building. A multitude of thousands of Donald Trump’s extremist supporters pushed their way into the United States Capitol, smashing windows, running through power halls, trying to violently defeat the outcome of a democratic election. Most striking of all was the joy, and the sense of entitlement embellished across the faces of the protesters, rebels, domestic terrorists or whatever name may eventually be applied to them because of their behavior and the color of their skin. In comments from Wilmington, Delaware on Thursday, President-elect Joe Biden said,
“They were a riotous crowd. Insurgents! Domestic terrorists! It’s as basic as that. It’s that simple ”.
If no one ever understood what White Privilege is, then look at the whole event. What remains undeveloped once the protesters arrive inside the building is one for the history books. Photos show White protesters standing on statues inside the building, even placing a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat on a Gerald Ford statue, holding a Trump flag and requesting photos. Others can be seen sitting at the elected officials’ desks, smoking E-cigarettes, set feet and making phone calls. Conversely, more photos show armed guards barricaded with legislators on the Senate floor, with a desk against the door trying to keep protesters outside, while pointing guns – but not shooting. Repeated for emphasis – pointing guns not shooting.
Just for a nanosecond, lose sight of reality and imagine if the protesters were Black. As the Notorious BIG said in one of his songs, “There will be a lot of slow singing and bringing flowers,” because there would have been many funerals to attend. How prophetic!
Let us refrain from asking the crazy and empty question, what if President Trump was Black? And worse still, what if the protesters were Black? It is not, it never will be, and the obvious answer is known to us all. Get this straight, on your plate and consider your fate – If hundreds of Black people had invaded the Capitol Building, then hundreds of body bags and toes would have been at the scene. Obviously, it would have been a different story.
Joe Biden said in a post-action speech, “No one can tell me that if a group of Black Lives Matter protested yesterday, they would not have been treated very differently from the crowd of donations that invaded the Capitol. ”
Black people should be clear that they can never do what white people do. Many Black people have not realized what Black Power really means.
Racism continues to rise in America and requires a “Miracle at 34th Street” and a “Law of Congress” to get the country back on track, or at least, better than it has been for four years last. As the Black Lives Matter protests continue around the world, hatred and hostility towards Black people continue to leave deep scars. President-elect Joe Biden will be in full hands, trying to hop over the muddy pudding left in front of the White House by his former tenants.
The world watched as the unfolding chaos showed not only white privilege but white supremacy in action, a strong reminder of the gross differences in how Black and white people are treated by coercion ‘ the law. The response from law enforcement was a blatant demonstration of systemic racism.
Take it or leave it. Black people need to be aware as the truth becomes ever clearer: that America has two standards, one where Whites are always Right and the other where Black Shirts are always under attack, and are done repeatedly to lift the slack. Confirmation that this latter is playing out in predominantly Black Capitol employees cleaning up the devastation left behind by the rebels.

Y. Sam