‘We longed to be back for years’- K&S

Since 1990, the Kashif and Shanghai (K&S) Foundation has played a major role in local football. 2015 saw a brief interruption when the tournament closed for several years.

After nearly five years, the disgraced organization went back into action last week during the ‘Bounce Back Football tournament’.

Kashif Muhammad spoke to his partner, on behalf of Aubrey Shanghai Major after the expected return of the K&S Foundation, after the close of the ‘Bounce back football tournament’ which they are helping to organize alongside the Football Federation Guyana (GFF) and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

Kashif Muhammad

According to Muhammad, this second coming is one he and his business partner Aubrey Shanghai Major longed for.

“We had been craving it for years and Guyana had been craving it for years and now we had the opportunity to come with the GFF to get involved with the MCY&S, that’s an unbeatable team. We had a chance to play some football in the midst of this impending pandemic and we believe we have achieved relatively well, ”Muhammad shared with this announcement.

One aspect of the tournament that stood out for Muhammad, was the live broadcast production executed to keep fans at home in the act.

He said, “I was inside the broadcast booth and I felt like I was part of the ESPN team, how the guys were acting. What I was looking at too, on the Ministry page, many people were tuned in to look at it and I was happy to see that Guyana could have introduced a product of that quality. “

As K&S said, the Bounce Back tournament is just the beginning of what the Foundation has planned for the near and far future.

“We are happy to be back with this whole program and once the pandemic eases and is well managed, this year, God willing, we are going to be making January 1st great again in Guyana, we’re going to make it really huge and we hope that football can continue to win, ”revealed Muhammad.

On the other hand, Sports Minister Charles Ramson Jr. also had high praise for the return of Kashif and Shanghai.

“I am delighted and delighted that the Kashif and Shanghai tournament has returned. I’m very proud to be involved and to be one of the players to have made that happen. Because for anyone who’s been following football in Guyana, they know that the tournament was the most successful sports tournament in the country and quite possibly the region, ”said the Minister.