Two fuel tankers burst into flames near Salem’s first kicker in Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), Tuesday morning – leaving one of the drivers seriously injured and firefighters battling the flames for two hours.

Smoke flowing from the fire

Based on information received, the incident occurred just after 10:00h. It is reported that at around 09:00h, both trucks were parked near the koker to drop fuel. One of the drivers, Ramsharan Dean, reported leaving the vehicle some 25 feet away and upon returning, saw the smoke wrap around the cabin area. He connected that the cabin area almost immediately exploded into a massive fire and spread to the other truck.
By then, the driver of the second truck, Zahir Villa, attempted to move the other truck to prevent it from burning. As he tried to switch off the engine, Villa sustained injuries to his hand. He was rushed to Leonora Cottage Hospital and examined by on-duty doctors.
Eyewitnesses told Guyana Times that flames suddenly burst, which could not be contained as thick smoke surrounded the entire area, causing people to rush for safety. Others looked from afar as the tragic event unfolded.

The situation came under the control of firefighters

Firefighters from Leonora Fire Station were called in to catch the fire spreading to a nearby gas station. Both tankers were filled with fuel, causing more danger if they were not doused.
“All we noticed was that it was still coming. It was just the two fuel trucks but it’s close to a service station and fuel boats and everything. One of the drivers burned up and was taken to Leonora Hospital, ”an eyewitness explained.
Boat owners also moved to move their ships, as the fire spread to the waterway as fuel leaked.
This publication understands that the tanks belong to a Tuschen businessman, EBE. By 13:00 h, the situation was under control but the vehicles were completely damaged. Losses are estimated in the millions. (G12)

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