$ 299M distributed; nearly 12,000 households arrived in Region 4 – 1,170 filled ‘pink slips’ – Kaieteur News

$ 299M distributed; nearly 12,000 households arrived in Region 4 – 1,170 filled ‘pink slips’

COVID-19 cash grant…

Distribution clerks present his resident with a $ 25,000 COVID-19 cash grant

A police station escorting delivery clerks in one of the areas.

Kaieteur News – To date, approximately $ 299M of the Government’s COVID-19 relief funding grant has been distributed to 11,968 households in Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica).
The Government, according to a statement, said it was aiming to pay $ 3.4 billion to 136,000 households in the region.
District Four (Ag.) Regional Executive Officer Deryck Persaud said that with 6,641 households receiving the cash grant on East Coast Demerara, an estimated $ 166,025,000 has been paid on the coast.
Communities include Cane Grove, Hope, Victoria, Unity and Supply (Mahaica). A total of 969 pink / inquiry forms were issued.
On the East Bank Demerara, 5,327 households have received the grant, with $ 133,175,000 already paid. About 201 pink forms were also issued.
Communities along the Linden-Soesdyke Highway and the Demerara River have also benefited.
Local Government and Regional Development Minister Nigel Dharamlall had said the Government’s position on the payment of the cash grant would remain constant.
Earlier this month the Minister said: “We will be delivering to primary households, and those households that cannot be checked as independent, will have to complete a ‘pink’ form to check. Following the verification, the secondary households will be catered for. ”
Names, addresses and contact information of individuals who were not at home were collected during the distribution, and arrangements will be made for them to collect their grants at a later date.
Primary homeowners were advised to have a valid means of identification in their possession to receive the grant. A valid Guyana ID card, a valid driver’s license or a valid passport are all effective forms of identification.