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31 businesses warned of breaches of COVID-19 measures

Kaieteur News – Over the weekend, the National Task Force for COVID-19 (NCTF) issued warning letters to 31 businesses about listing breaches of COVID-19 regulations.
Kaieteur News understands that the NCTF conducted an enforcement exercise where several businesses received warning letters and closure notices for breaches of the COVID-19 protocols.
This was confirmed yesterday by the Director of the NCTF Secretariat, Colonel Nazrul Hussain.
Hussain explained that the businesses had received letters because they were found not to be compliant with the measures outlined in the Official Gazette.
Among the 31 businesses bars, indoor dining facilities and Chinese Supermarkets also operated bars in their businesses, according to the Director.
Hussain said that from last year to the present, letters have served over 100 businesses – first and final warning.
On Sunday, Café, located inside the Movie Towne complex, received a closure notice because it allegedly operates indoor dining, which violates the measures outlined.
In addition, back last November Kaieteur News had reported that the Task Force had threatened to revoke the popular Main Street restaurant and bar license because it violated the same measure. The warning was published in a letter issued by the Director informing the organization that they had been found in breach of the measures, following a previous warning on October 30.
The Official Gazette of Measures COVID-19 states that bars and rum shops are not permitted for opening and indoor dining and social gatherings are prohibited.
Prime Minister Mark Phillips had also addressed the issue of businesses not complying with the index measures and firmly stated that they will be closed once persistent non-compliance is found. .