$ 46.4M was spent repairing 10 GDF vehicles in 2019

File Photo: Members of the Guyana Defense Force (GDF)

The Auditor General’s Report set out “high vehicle maintenance costs” for some State entities last year.

High vehicle maintenance costs were identified for the Ministries of Agriculture, Social Protection, Public Security, and the Guyana Defense Force (GDF). It has also been identified in Regions Three and Six.

The high costs, the Auditor General’s Report noted, “are because the Ministries / Departments / Regions are not assessing whether it is economical to retain or dispose of vehicles.”

It revealed that a total of $ 251.619M was spent on repairs and maintenance in respect of 118 vehicles during 2019.

In particular, the GDF spent $ 91.629M on the maintenance of 30 vehicles, which represented an average maintenance cost of $ 3.054M per vehicle.

More significantly, ten vehicles were maintained at costs worth $ 46.429M, which represented an even higher maintenance cost per vehicle ($ 4.643M).

Amazingly, one Toyota Hilux Double Cab acquired over 11 years ago took place at a cost of $ 7.185M; while, a Ford Ranger was held at a cost of $ 5.660M.

The Ford F-350 and Ford Ranger Double Cab were also maintained at costs worth $ 6.486M and $ 5.599M, respectively.

The Auditor General’s Report stated that “however, based on a list submitted for audit, the Police have judged that these two vehicles are not serviceable.”