A book of budding attorney poetry to inspire young people to ‘live their lives’

Recognizing that poetry and art nourish the soul of the world through beauty, wisdom and truth, young poet Tarik Braithwaite, 25, seeks to offer young people a sense of belonging through his recently launched book of poems, “Trapped in Thinking ”.
Apart from being a poet, Tarik is an artist and a Law graduate of the University of Guyana. He describes himself as a determined individual who thrives on being self-motivated.
In an interview with the Buzz, the young poet expressed that his inspiration for his first book, “Trapped in thought” pen, came from his friends and family, who continually motivated him to express his always think through writing.

“Trap in Thinking” on display

“Intense poets such as Anne Sexton, Walt Whitman and TSElliot have been my greatest inspiration. They made me fall in love with the art form and the culture behind it. I started studying their work and from them I’ve mastered the laws of poetry, ”conveyed Tarik.
‘Trapped in thought’ is a stimulating poetic non-fiction book that offers readers a collection of confessional verses in the form of poetry. Each poem follows a sequence that leads to the ideal poem, the very last piece in the book, which facilitates readers through a range of stages in the author’s life and offers them a summary of how poetry has helped him to become his person so far.

The book targets individuals who may need a little motivation to go through it every day and anyone who is now learning to live the truth by overcoming the many challenges of life.
Braithwaite noted that, after reading his book, the average person should feel a sense of worth and wholeness and a deeper desire for purpose through his poetry which he refers to as “his truth”.
When asked about the difficulties he encountered in compiling the book, Braithwaite expressed that he recalled a number of difficulties from the beginning of the project through to completion.
“Support from our country’s senior officials. It was difficult to seek advice. In addition, editing this book proved to be difficult as most of the skill I had to learn was myself. I was also scrutinized for my goal and it was difficult to get most people on board. I have had to face unfair contractual arrangements with publishers because my experience in the field has led to their advantage, ”he expressed.
In addition, when asked about his future endeavors, Tarik responded, “Writing forever will be a hobby and as long as I am alive I will continue to put more of my work out. I’m putting out two now and I hope to one day complete my Law certificate, and put out a few more books in the field of poetry soon. I’m also planning on mentoring so many people out there to help them establish their voice, name and sound, ”he said. .

While advising young up-and-coming writers, Braithwaite forced them to face fear and doubt directly and never let him stop them from sharing their stories.
“Life is scarce and our talents were meant to be used for the benefit of mankind. Use it! Don’t be afraid to go out there and chase that dream. A writer’s barrier is his thinking and once you can overcome fear and gain confidence you will fly. Keep writing, keep persevering, stay focused on your goal and pursue it, ”he urged.
To buy a copy of the book you can visit Amazon and search “Trapped in Thought Tarik Braithwaite”.