Dying: Jamal Joseph

A 27-year-old motorcyclist was killed Sunday night following a three-vehicle collision in New Amsterdam, Berbice.
Deceased is Jamal Joseph of New Amsterdam, Berbice. At the time of the accident, Joseph was riding a CK 1731 motorcycle and was involved in another motorcycle, CK 2765, and a motor car, PKK 8475.
The other motorcyclist, Keil Noble, 39, of Stanleytown, and the millionaire cyclist Sherlan Ceasar, a 38-year-old man from Savannah Park, were admitted to New Amsterdam Hospital.
The car was driven by a 22-year-old woman from East Canje, Berbice. Reports are that the man who has died has tried to overtake the motor car when it collided with the other motorcycle.

The two motorcycles involved in a direct collision

As a result, the motorcyclist and the millionaire rider fell on the road and sustained injuries. They were picked up by public-spirited citizens in an unconscious state and transported to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where Joseph died while undergoing treatment.
At the time of the accident, the now deceased man was not wearing a helmet.
Divisional Traffic Officer, Assistant Superintendent Ruan Clark reminded motorcyclists who are important to wear safety helmets

The car that was involved in the accident

“This will secure your head which is one of the main parts of your body. When these accidents happen most of the times the motorcyclists drive without safety helmets and race down the road and that is the end result. “
Clark further noted that there is a tendency for motorcyclists not to wear the necessary protective gears.
“I am not saying that once you wear a safety helmet it is a 100 per cent guarantee that you would not receive serious injuries. However, helmets were made for motorcyclists to wear when crossing on a motorcycle to enable them to be safe, ”said ASP Clark as he urged motorcyclists to drive safely.

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