– gunmen pull over $ 3.5M in items

Image of the CCTV footage showing the thieves relieving victims of their valuables

Police are now looking for two men who robbed two patrons at gunpoint worth $ 3.5 million worth of gold jewelry, cash and other valuables while they were eating Sunday night.
The incident occurred between 20: 15h and 20: 30h, at Hong Xiang restaurant, which is located at Lot 15 Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara (WBD).
According to reports received, Navindra Kooblall, a 34-year-old boat captain from La Grange Old Road, WBD, was eating along with Leon Dyal, a 33-year-old sales representative in Aron Street, Fortuin Wood, at a Chinese restaurant when the men attacked them with a gun. .
Kooblall reportedly released six gold chains worth $ 2,145,000, two gold rings worth $ 220,000, one gold band valued at $ 400,000 plus an iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphone worth $ 320,000, one Samsung A17 cellphone valued at $ 150,000 and US $ 1500.
Meanwhile, Dyal was released from a single Samsung A50 mobile phone worth $ 60,000 plus $ 155,000 in local currency and US $ 200. The entire suffering was captured on the CCTV cameras placed at strategic locations on the site.
From the CCTV footage, one of the suspects was seen removing the chains from the victim’s neck while his assistant was targeting Dyal. Following the robbery, the two armed men made their escape in their getaway car – a white 212 motor vehicle.
After the robbery, Police arrived at the scene and conducted a search for the offenders but no one was found. However, Police said so far, several people have been questioned.
On Thursday, a 54-year-old businessman was robbed at gunpoint at his property on Calendar Street.
Based on reports received, the man was sitting in front of his place of business when one of the culprits entered his shop and as he was making his way out, assaulted the victim and slid off the chain gold he was wearing at the time.
The gold chain weighed about 40 pence.
However, the businessman said he tried to open a pepper spray, but the armed bandit whipped a handgun and pointed it at him. The other culprit then released the businessman from his two mobile phones. The two fled on foot.

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