A health food restaurant goes the extra mile

As its name implies, Elite Fitness Diner offers healthy meals aimed at getting people off to a healthy lifestyle, once they have decided that this is the path they want to follow.

Meals must be ordered in advance, although the restaurant also provides for walk-in. The business provides a service specifically for clients who are dedicated to living a healthy and healthy lifestyle. This is what distinguishes it from other food businesses in Guyana, according to owner Nandram Sahoy.

Sahoy, also known as ‘Anil’, shared that when he conceptualized Elite Fitness Diner, he made a breakfast of pancakes. This was back in November last year. Realizing that his idea was unique and could be large, he immediately got his notebook and started structuring a plan. By December, he had found a place to rent at the Courtyard Mall. As he worked part-time, he had time on his hands to plan for launching his business.

Despite opening at a critical time – just a few days before Guyana’s general elections – Sahoy did not let his positive thinking surrender, even when the terrible coronavirus pandemic followed.

Nine months later, it has created a way for people to eat their way to a healthier and longer life.

Sahoy explained that, before conceiving the business, he was already working out in the gym and carefully preparing the right and correct portion of food for himself. He explained that he was not initially very serious about his lifestyle and that he had started and stopped on numerous occasions. However, nine months before opening his business, Sahoy decided to become more disciplined and as soon as he started to benefit from choosing this journey, he couldn’t keep it to himself. Of course, his experience was not sufficient, especially when he wanted to cater for clients from all walks of life. As a result, he spent countless hours researching this.

“I created my meal plan from scratch. You can’t find it anywhere else, ”he said. He added that although pancakes are sold elsewhere, they taste nothing like it. “Have you tried my protein version or my low-carb version?” he asked.

It offers vegan, gluten-free and 100% organic foods. He noted that many of the ingredients used in his meals are imported as he cannot always find them at these supermarkets. As a result, the expenses incurred to import the items are considerable but the success of the business to date has been making it happen.

And instead of complaining about the pandemic, Sahoy considered it a step toward its success.

Sahoy said half of his customers work out at the gym while the other 50% are either athletes or are into some form of sport.

He noted that the lifestyle is not a program that lasts a month or a year. The people who decide they are ready to be fit and healthy are the ones who intend to be that way for the rest of their lives.

After contacting them, Sahoy chats with clients to know what they want, what type of body they want, whether they are allergic to any products and the like. They also talk about the kind of exercises that should be done and while Sahoy would advise on this, he only cares about the meals. By the end of the discussion, a meal plan specifically designed for the client has been agreed. All nutritional consultation as well as the meal plan are free.

He believes that Elite Fitness Diner is the only one of its kind that provides specially designed healthy meals for clients and if not, then it is surely one of less than probably a handful. There are more than 100 items on its menu, all of which have been created from scratch. One hundred meals and smoothies are the result of Sahoy constantly seeking innovative ways to think about healthy food. The menu will only grow, therefore.

One of the more popular items is the ketogenic bread that is low in carbs but rich in protein. There’s also the keto pancake and the keto meal, among many others.

The meal plan caters for three meals a day, which can of course be changed as needed. For a few people, their plan includes five meals a day. Healthy eating, says Sahoy, will save people from having to deal with huge doctor bills in the future, as they won’t get sick from prolonged unhealthy eating habits.

“[I plan to become] the leading health and fitness restaurant in Guyana as well as the best restaurant in Guyana in terms of healthy eating, customer service…, ”said Sahoy. It plans to expand its business after the pandemic.

Items on the Elite Fitness Diner menu include vegan bread, vanilla protein pancakes, keto muffins, protein crepes with cottage cheese and berries, and chicken parmesan wholemeal lasagna.

The dining room, located at the Courtyard Mall on Robb Street, is open from 7 am-5pm. The business can be followed on its Facebook page or individuals can contact Sahoy at 611-4811.