A holiday baker says traditional cakes are synonymous with the Christmas menu

By Rupa Seenaraine

Holiday baking is a respected tradition in every Guyanese home during the Christmas season and as the day approaches, these wrap-around smells become part of the local experience.

The highly anticipated cakes, whether fruit or sponge, are the main dessert options this time around, but with the advent of modernization, some people have abandoned these flavors to settle for newer favorites.

However, for one baker, there is nothing to mention about the true spread of Christmas as the smell and appearance of traditional Guyanese cakes.

In an interview with Guyana Times, Rohini Rambaghan, 25, shared that, given its versatility and flawless taste, the fruit cake should be part of every menu. It is generally made with a concentration of tropical fruits fermented and spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg among other ingredients.

On the other hand, the sponge cake is known for its airy texture and golden color, with a hint of vanilla. Then there’s the classic Guyanese black cake, which Rambaghan emphasized its importance. It is usually soaked in alcohol. This can be done well in advance to allow the flavors to develop and as it stands, many Guyanese begin their Christmas preparations in advance.

With these classic flavors in mind, the baker said there was no reason why these should not be featured in the vacation.

“Holiday traditions as it relates to baking go full Guyanese style with the traditional cakes. I find that sponge cakes are a favorite of many, so that should be essential. However, I think Guyanese should also try the black cake. I definitely think that traditional fruit cake should be part of everyone’s menu, ”she shared.

Rambaghan, who has a full-time job, recently launched her business “Bake You Happy by Rohini”. Herstelling, who hails from the east bank of Demerara, said that baking had been her passion for some time and during the COVID-19 pandemic, she achieved one of her dreams.

Rohini Rambaghan

“To be honest, I’ve always loved baking so much more than cooking. My friend at work tagged me in a recipe post on Facebook, I tried that recipe and it was a favorite. Even those who never liked cake, still kept asking for more. It made the pandemic great, it made me realize one of my dreams. ”

For those who are busy or afraid to try it, she takes orders for the traditional black fruits, sponge and cakes. There is also a choice of decorative chocolate cakes, vanilla, or red velvet.

For people who would like to bake for the experience, Rambaghan noted that there are many different ways to try it. His first piece of advice is to use social media platforms, such as YouTube, that have tons of content and steps to guide the process.

“There are so many different ways to make one cake, if you fail once, twice or even three times, then keep going, because you’ll get it right. Also, you should note that once you have mastered it, the most difficult challenges will definitely make every difficulty a gakewalk. “

On the side of new trends, there are also a few items that might be of interest to millennials.

Rambaghan has perfected its collection of freshly baked cheesecakes and delicious cupcakes that can also be part of new Christmas traditions, or just something different. Decorating cookies with holiday patterns can also make the list.