A Jamaican man is demanding a $ 200 million bakery settlement after allegedly eating rat poo

(Star of Jamaica) A central Jamaican man is demanding a $ 200 million settlement from a bakery after he fell ill from eating one of his products that contained rat droppings in August.

Leon Johnson, a construction worker, said he was seeking the huge payout for months of medical discomfort and loss of income. Among his misdeeds, he has a terrible rash.

“By now I’m clearly on medication, but dem nah is going nowhere. Is building work that I am doing and I can’t do new work because I am still sick. I want nuh out-of-court settlement because I am a talking life. Mi cana left my wife and dem pickney dead. If you saw skin, yuh wouldn’t come near me, ”he said.

Johnson said it was a stomach-turning moment when he went into the luxury bakery product and saw the unpleasant ‘ingredients’.


“I buy it from a supermarket and after I stand up to eat it, I see some black tins and when I look closer it looks like a bug bud. I stop eating the same time and call the bakery the same time and send someone to come and look at it and the person coming must say I’m just distracted dem. Suh me say no cuz i cana die. My stomach got sick all the time, ”said Johnson.

He told THE STAR that a few days later he started to feel sick and noticed a rash covering his body.

“I carry the bun and show the doctor and him to examine me and give me a set of antibiotics. I consult a lawyer and she carries the Bureau of Standards, go to test and find rat hair, rattlesnakes and ants in the bun. I don’t want a bun next to eating after this. The doctor says it’s leptospirosis and that’s what’s on the medical, ”he said. The STAR has not been able to independently confirm this.

Johnson, who is in his 50s, said he usually works as much as $ 150,000 a month, but is currently unable to collect a paycheck as he is still affected by the incident.

It remains certain that it will not settle for less than the $ 200 million.

If dem nuh wah do dat, me and milk dry dem milk. Leptospiroris kills someone whe mi know lately, suh anno joke thing. What I do know is whe di owner dem did deh when di rat filth and leggo inna di bun, where were you? He said.

The attorney Johnson consulted said he is extremely uncomfortable with discussing the matter in public right now. She said, however, that she received a letter from a solicitor after she sent the company a demand note. He also said the findings were not linked to leptospirois.