A stolen journalist, beaten after colliding with a motorcyclist

A journalist is nursing injuries after being beaten and robbed at First Avenue, Dairy Old Bridge, on the west bank of Demerara, on Saturday.
Based on information provided by Guyana Police (GPF), it was reported that 54-year-old Michael Benjamin was driving his car, PMM 2732. along Canal Public Road Number One, heading west, when he collided with a bicycle motor, causing the cyclist and a million riders to fall to the ground.
Benjamin, a journalist from Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, further told police he left his vehicle to check on ‘the victims’ and offered to compensate them for any damage caused.

In a twist of fate, the ‘victims’ became hostile and demanded that Benjamin pay them $ 40,000 for damage caused to the motorcycle. Unfortunately, Benjamin couldn’t meet this demand right away because he didn’t have that much money “in his pocket.”
The ‘victims’, recognizing his condolences, allowed Benjamin to travel home for his money and return. Officials said the journalist had returned with G $ 30,000 and informed the ‘victims’ that the balance would be paid later, at which point the two ‘victims’ would be, turning up bandits, getting angry and dealing Benjamin has several punches and kicks for his body, causing him to fall to the ground.

The journalist further alleged that after he collapsed, one of the suspects recovered his gray iPhone and $ 30,000 from his left pocket. The two raiders then fled in an easterly direction along the Canal Public Road, using the motorcycle. The brand and registration number of the said motorcycle is unknown.
Several people in the area were questioned by police about this incident, but no useful information was found about this, ranks said. The area was checked for evidence and CCTV cameras, but this was in vain.