A teenage mother accused of murdering a little boy

An 18-year-old woman identified as Martha Miguel is in police custody following allegations that she murdered her nine-year-old toddler whose body was found floating in a drain in Jango Street, Parika Backdam, East Essequibo Bank, on Friday.

Deceased is Ekron Miguel. A police report stated that the little boy had two disabilities – he could not walk or talk. The mother was allegedly on her way home with the child and while in the street, started crying around 19:00 hours and assumed to be hungry.

The young mother told police she decided to sit on the road parapet with the baby wrapped in a blanket but later decided to leave it in the hay so she could visit a friend, identified as “Brian” for help.

At Brian’s house, he asked for some tea for the child and said he will die if he doesn’t get anything to eat. According to a police report, the mother was then questioned by Brian about her son’s whereabouts and that was when she attempted to run away and jump into a nearby canal. He was quickly caught by Brian, who informed him [Martha] brother about the incident.

The brother summoned the police and only then did the mother take the cops to Jango Street where they found the little boy floating in the drain.
He was immediately rushed to Leonora Cottage Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The body is at Ezekiel’s Funeral home awaiting an autopsy.