Alleged smuggling ring dismantled in NA prison – News Room Guyana

Police have been called in to investigate an alleged smuggling ring at a New Amsterdam (NA) prison after a prisoner, who works at the prison’s barbershop, was busted with marijuana in his possession on Saturday.

In addition to the marijuana, a prison officer also found other prohibited items smuggled inside the barbershop, allegedly by another junior prison officer.

When contacted by the Newsroom, Prison Director (ag) Nicklon Elliott confirmed that the prisoner had been apprehended with the marijuana; he said that the prisoner was acting suspiciously and when the prison wardens found him and searched him, the marijuana was found.

No other details in relation to the size were provided by Elliott. The Newsroom was reliably informed that the prohibited items were smuggled into the penitentiary by the prison officer moments before the bust was made.

The alleged corrupt officer at the time was returning from his lunch break when he stopped in the kitchen and then on to the barbershop to drop off the items.

The ranks confronted the prison officer in question, along with the prisoners at the barbershop, and searched.

The Newsroom was told that the items were usually smuggled into prison for a high-ranking prisoner (given the name) who is housed there.