Another 11 dorm students test positive for COVID-19 – Guyana Newsroom

Eleven more dorm students who have returned to school have tested positive for COVID-19, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony revealed on Friday
This means that a total of 30 students have tested positive, while 11 teachers have tested positive and 13 support staff have also been positive. The students, teachers, and staff come from sleeping schools all over the country and are all institutionally separate.

“Today we have 30 students who have tested positive, we have 11 teachers who have come back to teach and they have tested positive and we have 13 other staff – with the dorms you have people who cook etc – who have tested positive, ”the Health Minister noted.

The Minister said that testing was ongoing as more students from outlying areas were expected to return over the weekend.

“When they come, they are tested and these numbers may increase,” said the Minister.

Institutional isolation facilities across the regions are being used to treat the patients but for students and professors of the President’s College who tested positive, they are isolated at the Demerara Diamond facility, the Ministry’s East Bank.

The Minister had announced that tests were compulsory for students returning to sleeping schools.

In the meantime, students on their own will receive their daily worksheets to continue their education.

Schools for Grades 10, 11 and 12 reopened in September 2020 while virtual learning and other forms of learning continued for other students.