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Argentine forensic assistance with WCB murders

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, December 15th, 2020, Dr. Luis Fondebrider of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF), whose visit to Guyana offered a preliminary assessment in relation to the murders of Isaiah and Joel Henry and Haresh Singh. from the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA), gave a lecture and public presentation at Brickdam Cathedral on the work of the EAAF worldwide.
We call on the Government of Guyana and the Guyana Police Force to put the interests of the Guyanese people before all other considerations while saving no effort to bring those responsible for the murders of Isaiah and Joel Henry and Haresh Singh to justice and bring some form of o closing the pain and pain that their families are enduring.
He set up the public lecture by Dr. Fondebrider clearly, the EAAF’s expertise and experience to conduct a detailed, scientifically comprehensive and comprehensive investigation into the mutilation and killing of Isaiah and Joel Henry and Haresh Singh based on the best international protocols.
Since the beginning of September, all Guyana Police efforts have failed to produce any clear results and answers to the questions of the perpetrators and murders; where they happened; the motives behind them and who else might have been involved in their upheaval.
Guyana is a fractured and divided country and the West Coast Berbice murders revealed the fragility of ethnic relations.
A right-minded Guyanese must not allow this best opportunity to pass.
We call on the President of Guyana, the Police Commissioner, the Guyana Police investigation teams, and the Minister of Home Affairs to make every immediate effort to get the EAAF back with a full team to conduct a forensic investigation into the murders of Isaiah and Joel Henry and Harish Singh and to have full access to autopsy reports and all other evidence collected, including the results of investigations conducted to date.
There is no good reason to thwart or deny the EAAF’s expertise to get to the bottom of these horrific attacks that took the lives of three youths. Any attempt to do so can only be considered as humility and lack of humanity.
An added bonus to Guyana is that the EAAF is prepared to offer not only scientific expertise but has also indicated that, in line with their practice in other countries in which they have worked, they are prepared to train Guyana Police as a professional , a well-trained and well-resourced Guyanese CSI unit can be established. This specialty is currently very scarce in Guyana, as is evident in the many unresolved cases.
The recent actions of Guyana Police are towards members of Henry’s bereaved family who made the trip to Georgetown from West Coast Berbice to attend Dr.’s presentation. Luis Fondebrider and to find comfort in a cathedral of support, clearly show a police force that lacks elementalism. train not only in Guyana’s laws as they relate to traffic offenses, but also the basic human rights of Guyana’s citizens.
The failure to address such a straightforward issue by Guyana Police and the callous treatment afforded to members of Henry’s family illustrates, more than ever, the need for EAAF services and the necessity for professional training to the police at all levels. .
Let’s not forget the deportation of Guyanese support and sympathy from all backgrounds, including private sector associations, civil society and faith organizations for the Henry and Singh families … the calls for those responsible to be brought to justice and The condemnation of the ethnic and criminal violence exploded in response. This is an issue where Guyanese have voiced their strong views across the race and class divides, demonstrating that this is an issue of national importance.
We also call on the heads of the diplomatic community in Guyana to make every effort to support and encourage the Government of Guyana to allow the EAAF to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the horrific murders of Isaiah and Joel Henry and Haresh Singh.
A petition in these terms is sent to President Ali with copies to the Minister for Home Affairs, the Police Commissioner and the Head of Crime.
Danuta Radzik – Human Rights Activist; Karen de Souza – Red Track; Alissa Trotz – Lecturer in Caribbean Studies; Vanda Radzik – Citizen; Vidyaratha Kissoon – Taxpayer; Rev. Patricia Sheerattan-Bisnauth; Bonita Harris – Educator; Raquel Thomas – Social Justice; Frederick Collins, President of Guyana Transparency Institute Inc .; Alfred Bhulai – Citizen; Cheryl Sampson – Deputy Chair – Women and Gender Equality Commission; Nicole Cole – Women and Gender Equality Commission; Renata Chuck-A-Sang – Women and Gender Equality Commission; Brian O’Toole – Educator; Dave Martins – Citizen, Musician; Terrence Campbell – Citizen; Jocelyn Dow – Business woman; Ayo Dalgety-Dean – Children’s Rights Activist; Mosa Telford – Author, Journalist; Akola Thompson – Gender Rights Activist; Sherlina Nageer – Public Health and Social Justice Professional; Charlene Wilkinson – AS Lecturer – Languages;
Arianne Harris – Citizen; Nichola Joy Marcus – Grassroots Advocate for Women and Children; Wintress White – Grassroots – Social Justice and Gender; Halima Khan – Grassroots – Social Justice and Gender; Vanessa Ross – Grassroots – Rights Defender; Josephine Whitehead – Solicitor
Susan Collymore – Grassroots – Rights Defender; Joel Simpson – SASOD; Alicia Roopnaraine – Public Health Psychologist; Lisa Edwards – Citizen – Researcher; Pauline Bullen – University Lecturer – Director of IGS; Omattie Madray – Children’s Rights Activist; Janette Bulkan – Citizen