The acquisition, construction and operation of the invasions and lifts along the East Bank Demerara corridor will be subject to review by the Office of the Auditor General.
Public Works Minister Juan Edghill made this statement during an inspection of one of the lifts on the Peters Hall bypass on Friday.
“Ten elevators have been purchased for these five bypasses and none of the elevator systems on these roads are in operation. As a matter of fact, the technical people have advised me [that] since installed, they haven’t really worked. All we have here is scandal. Money spent and there is no benefit to the people because you have 10 elevators becoming inactive and people are still struggling to get up and down these stairs, ”Edghill is quoted as saying by the Department of Public Information.

Bypass at Peters Hall, Demerara East Bank (DPI photo)

Minister Edghill said he was dissatisfied that people with disabilities and the elderly have not benefited from the lift system intended to help them safely cross the EBD public road.
“We’ve had situations where people got stuck in these elevators. Doors are not functioning properly and are not available … Significant sums have been spent on these five bypasses and these elevators.
Minister Edghill further aided his predecessor, former Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson, and former APNU / AFC Administration, for wasting taxpayers’ money on a yet-to-be-realized project.
“This is a project that was [done in] 2018. We are now in 2021, maybe the warranty period is already dead and we don’t have the benefit. ”The invasions were acquired at Diamond, Providence, Peters Hall, Eccles and Houston at a cost of $ 488.5 million. Installing the lifts at these locations costs $ 12.2 million each.
The elevators for the invasions were manufactured by the Swedish company Cibes Lift Group AB and supplied by RBP Lift Limited of Trinidad and Tobago. S Jagmohan Hardware Supplies built the invasions at Diamond and Providence while B&J Civil Works built those at Peters Hall, Eccles and Houston.

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