Bandits are bouncing on a Mahaica businesswoman

POLICE are pursuing two robbers who attacked the robbery of three women on Saturday in Riverview, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD).
Police Headquarters, in a statement, noted that Pramkumarie Singh, 49, a businesswoman who operates a grocery store in the lower apartment of her house, had stolen $ 300,000 in cash, a sum of GTT and Digicel, gold ring and and a gold band valued at $ 20,000, and one iPhone.
The other victim, Nadia Singh, 29, was stolen from a $ 46,000 wedding band and gold chain, along with an iPhone, while Kuntie Singh, 24, was robbed of two gold rings worth $ 30,000. According to a police statement, one of the victims was selling in the store for about 12: 15hrs when the suspects came in and ordered two beers; handed over the beer to them and one of the suspects asked for a drink change.

Police said the victim was about to pass the drink when the armed, unmarked suspect jumped through the hole at the counter, caught them at gunpoint and demanded cash and jewelry. The victim then proceeded to his left jaw and face.
Police said the other suspect then entered the store through the south door. The two robbers then took the cash and cellphone cards out of a raffle, proceeded to attack the other victims and take away their personal items. The thieves then took another victim to the upper apartment of the house and later returned to the lower apartment and repaired their escape.