Bandits on the loose south – Kaieteur News

Bandits on the loose south

Dem Boys Seh…

Kaieteur News – People get robbed every day. Pocket-pocket return. Dem picking yuh pocket in de minibus. Dem put a pun yuh bag and leg of one of my friend creating distraction in de bus while dem pushing razor blade through tea bag and cutting out yuh money from yuh pockets.
People call for a glimpse every day. Many people who walk around with a fancy phone are a phone thief. Someone else is not pamping a scene with a latest phone. But to date, south phone companies cannot draw up a plan to kill stolen phones to prevent phone theft.
As soon as the night sets in, people lock dem gate and dem dem. Everybody used to relax in a hammock dem under a dem bottom house, a gate to miss a dem door and a guh upstairs because dem lil boys stormed a house as soon as night came.
Hire car hire people. Dem driver wandering hard giving pun pun dem food. Some dem gate to wuk 10-12 hours daily. And a dem gate loan to pay fuh dem car. And dem bandaits come to take away a dem car and put dem dem in debt.
Lots of space tekkin thief. But the biggest de pandaits in Guyana are those who steal our natural resources and pay us next-to-none. Dem creams our wealth and throws leftovers at us and we jump up when we govern give us $ 25,000, instead of G $ 25M to which we are all entitled.
Talk half and ask yourself: Who is de-hand-it and who is a bandit?