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Big Man Cricket Guyana presents BMC Youth Education Grants

Kaieteur News – As part of its aims, objectives and mandate BMC-G seeks to use its platform to encourage and promote more young people in the cricket match while at the same time ensuring that these young people are able to complete their curricula education at the various levels. In this regard, BMC-G will award 3 youths between the ages of 10 and 20, one from each of the 3 counties, Berbice, Demerara & Essequibo, an education grant of US $ 250 each in the finals of its Bank / Vodka Beer BMC T25 Tournament Top.
These grants are to be used for the purchase of school books and supplies only and the vouchers will be redeemed before the start of the new School term in September. Each year, different people are selected for these BMC Youth Education Grants. BMC-G now invites applications from across the country from County Boards, Area Associations, Clubs, BMC players, BMC Committee Members, and members of the public.
You would be aware that Big Man Cricket-Guyana has adopted the cricket administration for over-45s in Guyana and is affiliated with its parent body, the West Indies Cricket Masters Association (CWIMA). CWIMA has also been responsible for creating cricket structures around the Caribbean to ensure administrators in every country throughout the Caribbean to make Masters cricket more widespread in the Caribbean. CWIMA is directly affiliated with the Over 50s World Cup Cricket Committee in Australia.
The Over 50s World Cup Cricket Committee is a wholly private body that operates outside the
ICC. To date they have hosted 2 Over 50s World Cups: 2018 in Sydney, Australia and 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa.
There was never a society or veterans administering masters cricket in Guyana. The main aims and objectives behind BMC-G and Masters cricket are as follows:
• Attract and develop a quality pool of retired cricketers in Guyana who are interested in getting active again and have enough motivation to make Guyana and the West Indies team.
• We plan to make this T25 Over 45s tournament an annual one and can be used as a fundraiser for BMC-G every year as we plan to run a over 45s X 45 football tournament also later in the year since the World Cup in 45 overs.
• The BMC Tournament will be used to select the Guyana T25 over 50s team to participate in the CWIMA Over 50s T25 Regional tournament which will be held later in 2021.
• This Tournament will no doubt encourage these players to lead healthier lifestyles as they would all aspire to the glory of representing the West Indies in the Over 50s World Cup. This would ultimately lead to healthier nations in our communities.
• The players in this BMC tournament will be role models for their children and young people in their community to emulate and a chance to help bring more spectators / families out to witness the sport of cricket.
• Players of their era in the 80s and 90s ventured their trade in a very proud, disciplined and dedicated environment and hopefully these values ​​can be incorporated into the young people around them.
• In addition, we believe that this BMC competition can attract more of our young people to return to the cricket match when they witness these disciplined and disciplined players in action.
• Promote more Regional tournaments in these age groups.
• With this renewed interest in the game, we hope these players can help strengthen our Clubs across the country – Serving in various capacities in their communities such as administrators, coaches, umpires, scorers, game umpires, selectors, etc. .
As part of this bold initiative by the BMC-G, we would also invite the business community to join the BMC-G to get our young people more beneficial. Sponsor names will be attached to these BMC Youth Education Grants for just US $ 250 a year and make a huge difference in getting these young people to complete their education and participate meaningfully in the game they love.
BMC-G intends to introduce other initiatives in line with their goals and objectives soon of molding a healthier society for all of us in Guyana.