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Big WPA evaders have found their voice

Kaieteur News- I am not on Facebook so I am missing out on a lot of what effective opinion-makers say that could penetrate and damage the minds of innocent human beings, innocent people who need to give the facts that history has recorded .
From time to time people send me screenshots of Facebook posts of what they believe to be the result I should reflect on. It was through that path that I became acquainted with Dr.’s feelings. Mellissa Ifill in the March 2020 elections. I was shocked. It led to a few columns criticizing Dr. Ifill. Last week, I posted what David Hinds wrote on his page on Eusi Kwayana’s 96th birthday and I responded. See my column last Saturday, “Kwayana at 96: The Runner Stumbles.”
I was informed that some of the WPA’s naysayers offered their assessment of Kwayana’s legacy after 96 reached 96, and three have not written a single line on the following: APNU + AFC unconstitutional payment evasion of the no confidence vote (NCV) which lasted for one year – the entire year of 2019; most disruptive national election interference in the history of election rigging under President Burnham and Desmond Hoyte, including the fraudulent 1978 referendum; WPA’s five years in government 2015 – 2020 when WPA reduced itself to the PNC’s historic fecundity and developed no agenda for social change.
The three persons are: Dr. Nigel Westmaas, Moses Bhagwan and Dr. Clive Thomas. Only one slight departure before we discuss the mindset of evading the three gentry. It matters because it marks the horrific transformation of the WPA political party that Walter Rodney announced to the world in the second half of the 1970s.
GECOM PNC Commissioner Desmond Trotman, despite being part of the GECOM conspiracy in the March election, in a full-page letter in the June 24, 2020 newspapers, ended his mistake with the exclamation, “Walter Rodney Lives.” I am not a scared person; has never been. But when I read the use of that exclamation mark dear to Rodney lovers, I got goose bumps. No one who loved Rodney called on Trotman to refrain from vulgarizing the name of the Guyanese hero.
So Westmaas, Bhagwan and Thomas have finally found their voice which has been quiet since December 21, 2018 when the NCV passed the Senate until April 2021. Now I heard that they have summed up the courage to make a political statement in praise and a man who has tormented Guyana through the insanity of his racial instinct for over 70 years.
When election rigging started, I wrote Westmaas reminding him that we are going back to the tragic age of Burnham and he must add his voice. His exact words are, “I guess my thoughts would be lost in the developing story.” That was his cop out. He had no intention of publicly denying a rigged election after contesting it since the 1970s. Since March 4, 2020, it has maintained its silence.
When Desmond Trotman wrote his humiliating epistle on June 24 and justified his betrayal of Walter Rodney, he referred to Bhagwan and Westmaas as WPA members who would stand by what he does as PNC Commissioner GECOM. I wrote both to inform them of Trotman’s betrayal and asked Bhagwan to respond. This is Bhagwan’s response, “I’ll give it some thought.” He never did. Here’s how Westmaas replied, “Hi Freddie, acknowledging your email.”
Bhagwan and Westmaas had no intention of responding to Trotman’s epistemological fiasco because all three had the same perception of how things should develop – rigging is fine because APNU is better than PPP and why? Because the WPA will still be part of the government if the APNU remains in office.
This is what people like Bhagwan and Westmaas had become. Deep in the prison walls of their mind was the imprint of hatred of the PPP. Their logic was simple to understand. It went like this and still is – “on all counts we don’t want the PPP back even if Guyana has to suffer as a country.” But their mind is easy to understand. Both men are long gone from Guyana and will never return.
Finally, Clive Thomas. He spoke at the symposium on Kwayana at 96. But since the NCV in 2018, he too has lost his pen and voice. Not a word on WPA’s role in government. Not a word of praise or criticism of the WPA’s final realization of power in 2015 which, of course, was a horror show.
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