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Brindley Horatio Benn was indeed an outstanding patriot in Guyana

Dear Editor

Kindly let me respond to Benn Lena Platt’s laudable and nee tribute to her father in the KN from 1-27-21. Brindley Horatio Benn was indeed an exemplary Guyana patriot of everything he wrote.

Mr. Benn joined the PPP in 1968 because he felt the party was not revolutionary enough to like him. In this respect, he was considered an extremist who followed a Chinese brand of communism that touched on a policy of lasting revolution. This alienated him from the PPP that was in favor of Moscow and which had endorsed the reach of socialism through elections by democracy rather than by violence.
Although Mr Benn was popular in the PPP, he had little, if any, support among the African forces that the PPP has always been trying to attract. Mr Benn actually shocked Indians and Africans alike with statements like “You can stop tomorrow but you can’t stop communism”.
PPP leader Dr Cheddi Jagan had a bias towards Mr Benn, who was shown in the famous fight against the popular grassroots Mr Balram Singh Rai for the chairmanship of the PPP. Dr. Jagan among his party’s congressional representatives that they supported Mr Benn rather than Mr Rai. Dr. logic was. Jagan based on the assumption that the PPP could not afford to have two Indians in the top positions. The election of Mr Benn as party chairman was expected to demonstrate the multi-religious constitution of that party and thus appeal to Black Guyanese. Mr. Lost lost Some election.
It should be noted that Mr Benn’s split with the PPP was ideological in comparison to the race-based Sidney King (Eusi Kwayana). For this reason, the PPP felt very comfortable in appointing Mr Benn as High Commissioner for Canada after that party won the 1992 elections. Mr Benn’s son is the Minister for Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, and ‘ n shows by his appointment the prominence of Benn’s legacy.

Sultan Mohamed