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Car thief found dead in prison cell

A 44-year-old man who was detained a few days ago for stealing a motor car was found dead in his cell at Lusignan Prison, Demerara East Coast.
According to a statement from the Guyana Prison Service (GPS), the dead man has been identified as Roger Samuels of Lot 2606 Parfait Harmony, West Bank Demerara.

Dying: Roger Samuels

Samuels was housed in Unit # 1 along with seven other prisoners at the time.
Reports are that around 06:00 hours, the Prison Duty Officer was in the process of unlocking the prisoners for their usual bath time when he saw the man lying on his bed mute. The Police Manager and health officers were immediately informed of the situation. About an hour later, a doctor examined the man and pronounced him dead.
The statement further noted that on January 8 last, Samuels was admitted to prison with several injuries to his body caused by the public as a result of the alleged crime he committed. Samuels was kept in jail for a car larceny. The Prisoner’s Welfare Department is currently in the process of contacting the man’s family. The body was taken to Lyken Funeral Home where it is awaiting a post-mortem examination.
Speaking to this announcement, Director of Prisons (ag) Nicklon Elliot revealed that several people were being questioned and told investigators that the man was not involved in any argument with anyone before he went to bed. However, the Director confirmed that Samuels had committed several offenses in the past.
A stranger to prison, back in 2012 Samuels was sentenced to four years in prison after stealing a man’s motorcycle from his yard. The man had admitted to a city magistrate that he had spent time in Mazaruni Prison for stealing at least three other motorcycles. Meanwhile, in 2014 Samuels faced prison time again after being busted with marijuana hidden in his anus at Georgetown Prisons. Samuels pleaded guilty to the offense and was sentenced to an additional four years in prison.